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Recommending a Marketing Mix for a Service ‘Lumia’ 800

GAC012 Business Studies sagacity Event 3 Recommending a Marketing Mix for a utility Lumia 800 of NOKIA Mobile Comp each Student Zhou Siyan Effie ID number ZMSC22222 Tutor Maqui due(p) Date November 19, 2012 Date submitted November 19, 2012 Word Count 1249 words Table of confine Executive Summary 1. 0 Introduction 2. 0 Research methodology 3. 0 Research Findings 4. 0 Discussion 5. 0 Conclusion and adviseations consultation cite Executive SummaryWhen technology change the way people interact with each other in daily life, those writing days were bygone with letters and postcards and personalized greeting cards and they atomic number 18 turned into emails, online societal networking chat, sending text messages mostly with a ready phone. The look for radical is about(predicate) choosing a product on which we will do and urge a merchandise aggregate. In order to come up with a good merchandising mix, we gathered training online and from some audiences, discussion and findings which in the end given our witness conclusions and suggestations.The outcome of the paper concentrated on the recommended trade mix for a chosen product which is lumia from NOKAI and for its competitor which is G21 HTC. Therefore, there atomic number 18 different own style between the two companies in doing their marketing mixes, also we believe that our recommendation for a marketing mix for Nokia is considerable. 1. 0 Introduction This research is focus on recommending a marketing mix for a chosen product which is Lumia 800 form the NOKIA mobile high society. A parvenue type of mobile phone, with new designed out looking and the efficacious windows phone 7. operating system, not only tin be utilize for daily phone calls, sending messages parapetely also is a hone integration of work and leisure for people with it croupe get get through with social network and surfing the internet and enjoy the music or movies, books anytime anywhere they want. There is no doubt that this product is popular among teenagers, but actually our target market is people from 15 to 40 historic period old. The key success factors in this market are as follows visual aspect design, Operating system, Product quality, Brand awareness.Moreover, the reason out why we chose Lumia 800 from NOKIA mobile company as our product is that representative products of NOKIA right away whenever considering its quality or joy As for the SWOT of NOKIA Company, firstly, the strengths is a position as industry attracter in the telecommunications and electronics industry. Secondly, the weakness is that it is cannot sustain its trustworthy marketing rate. Thirdly, opportunity is that its marketing are all around the world. Lastly, threats are the competitive pressure from other companies, such as Apple, Google.As for marketing mix of the product Lumia 800, the set we recommend is about 1800 RMB and we resolve to promote it through TV, Magazine, Film or any other realizab le way. As for place, we plan to set up monopolized bloodline and expanding to the afield markets. The outcome of the research is that the NOKIA with an excellent marketing mix can finally overcome its weaknessthe declining market position. It is the target object on (Lumia 800) and popularity of windows phone OS that determine our choice of the marketing mix. 2. 0 Methods . 1 In order to collect the info, an interview is done in affinity to the NOKIA Company and the product by asking questions from the managers in phone selling company. Moreover, we visit some appropriate Internet sites such as the semiofficial website of NOKIA and Google, Wikipedia and so on. From the way we used different websites to widen the scope of our research and gather important facts during interview to give clarity to vague topics concerning our report, the data collection methods can perfectly address the research bjectives. 3. 0 Findings A key competitor is the HTC Mobile Company and its marketin g mix is as follows The product is HTC G21(Sensation XL), with 4. 7 inches of high-definition display and GSM &038 WCDMA network system and 8000000 pixels camera and it is a very popular product of HTC. The price on sale without delay is 2079 to 3699 RMB. As for place, product are on sale in monopolized stack away around the world. Promotions can be done in several ways, the likes of on sale with plan cap or with tax-free.The analysis of the current SWOT of NOKIA is as follows strengths is its position as industry leader in the telecommunications and electronics industry. Also, it shows to the world the incredible ability to adapt to the market. Weakness may be that it has grown so huge, as the fifth most valuable defect in the world, that it cannot sustain its growth at its current rate. It still pay some opportunities like Nokias leadership in the area of mobile phones and its versatility disseminate the company up to a wide variety of communications and mobile device possibi lities &8212 markets that are growing throughout the world.Threats are that Nokia is facing a number of threats from companies such as Apple, Google, and Research in Motion, all of which are investing heavily in the mobile phone industry in an attempt to gain dominance. The marketing mix we recommend is as follows NOKIA Lumia 800 with man-sized display screen, the shape of phones, the face plates and the soft key touch pads charges about 1800RMB which can be pass judgment by most of the customer and by chance the innovation of Promotion Method Oriented by Target Consumer is necessary. We decide to promote it through TV, Magazine, Film or any other possible way.As for place, we plan to set up monopolized store and expanding to the overseas markets. We came up with a promotion strategy NOKIA can enhance its Promotion Management and create a large database, making a dose control of rod promotion activities. Furthermore, it is a good choice to submit a astonishment price on holid ays and it can be on sale on a duty-free shop to attract more customers. Here are the interview summary The ratio of concern of the Symbian OS (NOKIAs own system) Month1357911 The ratio of concern (%)67. 265. 460. 857. 754. 847. 2 Table 1 From table 1, we can know that the ratio of concern for the Symbian OS in 2010.The Symbian OS is the original OS of NOKIA the data can reflect the rise and decline of NOKIA. represent 1 The data from Graph 1 is a solelyed from the table 1. According to this bar graph we can clearly see the trends reflecting the rise and decline of NOKIA. 4. 0 Discussion We came up with the marketing mix based on its recession during these years and also referred to the statistical data and the current situation analysis. the reason why we chose Lumia 800 from NOKIA mobile company as our product is that representative products of NOKIA now whenever considering its quality or satisfaction.And the price is 1800 because it can easily be accepted by ordinary people t o attract more customers. We build up NOKIAs own franchise stores, according to the successful case-apple store. There are a lot of factors will affect the findings, like the information online and the interview of or the advice from teachers. 5. 0 Conclusions and recommendations After long time discussion and findings and information we gathered online and from interviews we determine our final marketing mix for NOKIA Lumia 800. To summarize, the price we recommend is about 1800 RMB and we decide to promote it through TV, Magazine, Film or any other possible way.As for place, we plan to set up monopolized store and expanding to the overseas markets. The final marketing mix has its competitive edge when we consider its price. The price is reasonable but still quality-guarantee. Whats more? The brand awareness, just like most people will choose to buy the well-known(a) brand instead of a normal brand even they have a similar product at same price. Reference List Wikipedia (2012), No kia online Available at http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nokia (Accessed November 5, 2012) Wikipedia (2012), HTC online Available at ttp//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/HTC (Accessed November 5, 2012) HTC. COM (2012), the HTC phones online Available at http//www. htc. com/us/smartphones/ NOKIA. COM (2012), the Lumia 800online Available at http//www. nokia. com/us-en/products/phone/lumia800/ (Accessed November 5, 2012) Wikipedia (2012), marketing mix online Available at http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Marketing_Mix (Accessed November 5, 2012) Mysmartprice (2012), the Lumia 800online Available at http//www. mysmartprice. com/mobile/nokia-lumia-800-msp1531 (Accessed November 5, 2012)

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Argument for the legalization of Marijuana

Can I see a confront of hands how many community assimilate ever smoked Cannabis, to a fault known as marijuana? I see none of you countenance raised your hands. Well evidently no one would want to arrest to a criminal action in front of others from their community. But wherefore is it that smoking pot is so forbidden in our society? George chapiter said, Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere Marijuana is a natural plant, known to grow in the wild in Central and South Asia.Traces of people smoking Marijuana go tolerate as far as 3,000 B. C so, what had changed over the years to nominate cannabis black? When considering the court-orderedization of marijuana, the normal reaction would be to trust about the negative factors of the dose. But what people forget is, marijuanas positive features overrule the negatives by far. There would be many benefits if the drug where to be legalized, especially for the organisation and the economy as a whole.Our g overnment spends 500 million pounds a year on overall reaction to drugs, plainly receive no taxes from the estimated 1. 8 billion pound guilty drug foodstuff. If our government were to legalize marijuana, they could place full(prenominal) taxes on it because people are used to buying the drug at a high price anyway because of the risk of selling it illegally. This would be very safe to the government because they would have a larger increase of tax that indeed could be fed into the NHS and other funds, which are beneficial to the general public.This brings me neatly onto my next point, I am fully aware of the abuse possible of the drug, but its value to the medical world outweighs this potential by far. Although the pedigree of legalizing marijuana is extremely controversial, without knowing it, hundreds of people around you are in desperate need of its medical side, and are suffering dramatically without it. How would you heart? Marijuana would be of high value to the su ffering, distressed, and disheartened cancer patients chip for their lives.Let me try and paint you a picture imagine in that respect is scarcely one medication that will relieve you from the pain you are caused by nausea, marijuana will free you of this pain and will give birth you a little bit of assurance and courage that you need to spare on believing that you are going to be safe. But yet, we stock-still refuse to believe that the drug is acceptable, but there is something I must ask you all. Do you know what the black market is? Well allow me tell you, the black market is a market in goods or services in violation of legal structures defining the scope of abstract forms of trade.It is a market for products that are illegal or stolen. Marijuana appears often in the market, and has become extremely popular. The problem with the drugs produced in the black market is that they are not manufactured under any safety or health regulations, this can result in unsafe drugs be ing produced and users experiencing problems from devour unknown substances. If the government where to legalize marijuana they could potentially safe lives, as the drug could be bought in shops from legal proprietors, this would assure users of good smell and information about what you are buying and consuming.Jeffery Miron, the visiting professor of economic science at Harvard University estimates the national marijuana market at about 10 billion pounds per year. When will the public and government realize? Marijuana is only dangerous and harmful when sold and consumed illegally, and the government is preventing and keeping us from a product that is so beneficial not only to cancer patients, but also to the paper and clothing industries, the government itself, and for the crime rate of our country. ache gone are the days when we could go outside at night and not be worried about our safety, long gone are the days when we didnt have to worry about our kids getting voluminous i n gang activity, and long gone are the days in which we had the freedom to consume a substance which satisfied us. I am thoroughly aware of how high the UKs crime rate is, and how frighten and worrying it is for the citizens of our country. I am aware that the amount of crime that goes on in our country impacts and affects almost every single person in the country, which is why legalizing marijuana would be extremely helpful.The crime rate in the Netherlands is generally low, especially compared to other European countries with tougher crime polices such as the UK. Indeed, in the UK they have found that 60% of inmates in British jails have served a jail sentence previously. In the UK where the consumption of marijuana is illegal the crime rate is in truth higher than in Amsterdam where it is legal and the consumption is lower. This proves that, if our government was to legalize marijuana, it would result in the use actually decreasing, as it is known that when humans are not allowe d to do something it appears often more attractive, and have a larger urge to do it.

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Develop positive relationships Essay

You Assessor volition observe these Standards in your pose of execute. Why is having a positive birth with pip-squeakren and spring chicken throng meaning(a)1.1 Working with children requires us to build relationships with them quickly, but a give c atomic number 18 in slipway that argon passkey. Building and maintaining positive relationships- the quality of relationships that we nurture with children and four-year-old mass has a huge effect on the way in which we foot work with them. Positive relationships with children and young people is important because when children feel golden with us they can separate much easily from their parents, children are more likely to participate in the play and learning activities if they are cover emotionally, when children have strong relationships, they are less likely to show abdicable behaviour as we can recognise and meet their necessarily, childrens language develops more quickly because they feel solacementable talkin g to us, practiti one and only(a)rs can plan more accurately as they understand childrens development penurys and spot their interests, practitioners are able to act to children more stiffly because they can recognise their expressions and emotions. exempt how you build and maintain positive relationships with children and young people1.1 Communicating effectively- one of the most important aspects of building a relationship is to find ways of communicating effectively. Communication is not just about(predicate) words it is also about our facial expressions, body language and gestures. Identifying and pick out out conflicts and disagreements- groups of children, like adults will have disagreements. As children die older these can become more serious and are not simply squabbles. In severalize for children and young people to trust us, it is important that we can identify difficulties and succor them wherever viable to find ways through them. It is important that children and young people perceive our way of doing this as bring in concert. Being consistent and fair- children and young people rely on us. This means that it is essential day later day we are consistent. Consistency means not just memory behavioural boundaries in place, but also making sure that we do not have significant mood swings, for example, one day been peckish and funny and the next being quiet and withdrawn. Children also need to know that we will be fair with them. We will listen to what they have to register before jumping to conclusions and we will try to make sure that their necessarily are taking into consideration.Fairness is also  close tothing that adults need as well. Parents will want to see that the way their family is being treated is comparable with others, darn staff members need to feel that their work place is a fair one where everyone is evaluate to pull their weight. Showing respect and tact- children and young people will need to receive respect a nd courtesy from us in order that they can extend these skills to others. From the earliest age we should be use markers of respect in English such as saying satisfy and thank you. We should always speak to children and young people using joint tones that are warm and courteous. Principles of relationship building . communicating effectively . identifying and sorting out conflicts and disagreements . being consistent and fair . showing respect and courtesy . valuing and respecting individual(a)s . guardianship promises and honouring commitments . monitoring impact of own behaviour on others . keeping confidentiality as appropriate . recognising and responding appropriately to the power base underpinning relationships Babies for instance, they need comfort and bonding time with their key person. Spending time with a thwart not only playing, but simple gestures as cuddling, rocking, soothing and singing.Also, when you are changing their nappy or feeding them. This time is precio us as you have direct contact with the child. You can talk and show marrow by making faces, by touch and laughing. It is important to give them nitty-gritty contact. This time is several(prenominal)times more important than planned activities. Toddlers also need the same comfort of cuddles and taking time to just talk to them and once more give them eye contact and special moments that make them feel individual which can be manytimes lost in a displace with more than one child. It is important to be consistent with routines and discipline so that a child can feel safe and secure. Also, to keep promises. If a child is promised that tomorrow or later that day we can put down a special book that they have bought with them, then we must do so. Explain why it is important to have a positive relationship with the people involved in the care of children and young people 2.1 The professional and positive relationships we develop will ensure that good communication is possible in order to support the needs of children and their families. Where we do not have strong relationships, there is a danger that randomness may be passed inaccurately or that it is withheld because we may not be not trusted.This Has to be taken seriously as, over the past few year, some child deaths have occurred because people caring for children have not worked properly together where parents are concerned, it is essential that we build positive relationships so that we can work closely together to benefit there child in a variety of ways. This should include settling the child in, sharing development information and also learning about childrens interests. Benefits of positive relationships .information can be divided quickly between adults .children are given consistent care .childrens interests and needs are identify .plans for childrens care and education are more effective . childrens welfare can be properly monitored . skills and ideas can be shared Evaluate your strengths and effectiveness with building relationships with children and young people.1.3 The great thing about children and young people is they are all different. This means that we need to adjust the way in which we approach and communicate with them according to their age/ compass augur of development needs and personality. Not so long ago some adults working with two children of exactly the same age would have expected them to respond in similar ways, and a child who did not respond as the adult expected might have been seen as shy, gruff or even difficult. Today it is appreciated that it is more appropriate for the adults to wobble the way in which they work, rather than condemn the child. An important starting point is therefor to consider how effective our relationships with children and young people are. Interestingly some tell-tale indicators of the strength of our relationships with children and young people can be seen through some everyday activities.

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During the Time Periods of the Late 1800’s Through the Early 1900’s Many Countries Were Trying to Gain Power. There Were Many Different Trends That Were Taking Place During These Times to Help These Countries Gain

DBQ Intro During the condemnation periods of the after-hours 1800s through the early 1900s many countries were trying to assume power. T here were many different hacks that were taking place during these times to sustain these countries gain control like Colonialism/ Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Statesn domination. The first major(ip) trend is Colonialism and Imperialism. register 1 shows colonization/ imperialism by the president lacking the States to take control of most of the world if they dont lease to run how Americans believe they should.POV in Document 1 it isnt impress that President Roosevelt would say this because he is the president of the joined States and wants them to have as much power over the world as possible. Document 3 also shows colonization/ imperialism because the Dutch were trying to colonize the Java and peck from Java didnt like them trying to change their history. This chronicle shows how old(a) people in the countries didnt want things t o change and didnt want to have to accept the new ways of ruling and colonizing by another(prenominal) nations.Document 4 is a double of a European standing over Africa this shows colonization because the Europeans tried to colonize Africa. Document 5 is a picture that shows that both France and the English have colonized the Africans. Document 6 shows the United States helping other countries colonize. Additional Document that would be helpful here would be a map or chart or as yet a picture that showed were all Europe had colonized so we could dampen understand where all European colonization had taken place. The next major trend is Nationalism.Document 2 shows Nationalism because the Jews wanted to live and there country of origin which shoes pride in their nation. POV It is not surprising that Balfour would write this document because he is a Zionist leader and wants the best for his people. Document 3 also shows nationalism because the father didnt like that his son rund le Dutch to him because he had a love for Java and the language that spoke. Document 6 could also fall under nationalism for the Unites States. The last major trend was American dominationDocument 1 falls into American domination because America and president Roosevelt just wanted to see all the countries run swimmingly even if that meant that Americans had to step into make that happen. Document 6 also shows American Domination because it shows all the countries that America colonized. There were many different ways to gain power during the late 1800s and Early 1900s. The major trends during these time periods were Nationalism, Colonization/ Imperialism, and American Domination.

Environment in a Montessori School Essay

Young baby birdren worry to explore experiment, tinker and enterprise new things. They like to touch and feel and manipulate objects. They feed their minds through with(p departureicate) activities. They learn through their common mavens to satisfy their insatiable appetite for things to do. The outgrowth of the frys organs to begin functioning atomic number 18 his feels.Dr. Maria Montessori found her method of teaching young barbarianren considering the fact that a sister surrounded by two to six years passes through the sensitive period for the politeness of senses and they sess be helped in the development of the senses while they be in this shaping period. In order to serve this purpose Dr. Maria Montessori introduced a subject c eithered Sensorial where the materials be specially designed to change the small fryren to affair their senses to explore divergent attri scarcelyes of the is necessary to begin the education of senses in the formative peri od, if we wish to perfect these sense development with the education which is to follow (Maria Montessori, The Montessori Method, rogue 221)Montessori schoolrooms stick out a prepared environment where children are free to suffice to their natural tendency to work. The prepared environment offers the essential elements for optimal development. The several(prenominal)ize components comprise the children, teacher and physical surroundings including the specifically designed Montessori educational material. All of the materials in the Montessori classroom have been specifically designed to realise the interest of the schoolchild, while at the same time teaching an burning(prenominal) conception. The purpose of each material is to isolate a certain concept the child is bound to discover. Montessori believed that what the hand does, the mind remembers.The materials are simple, direct and are easy to ensure. Children engross these materials in spontaneous exercises. The sens orial materials are cover bits of information which sight be organized into averageingful patterns. The instructive personality of the material gives the children hands on experience with all concepts, taught. Human senses can perceive nine qualities in an object Shape, Colour, Texture, Sound, Smell, Taste, Temperature, Weight and Size. Montessori materials are make to isolate each of these qualities in order to individually perfect the senses that start up word them. Hence, a child who is subjected to these materials are refining, exercising and sensitizing all flipper basic senses visual sense, tactile sense, auditory sense, gustatory sense, olfactory sense and also the additional senses baric sense (sense of weight), thermic sense (sense of temperature) and stereophonic gnostic sense (sense of construct and size of an object by musical note it with hands).For ex adenosine monophosphatele a child using his tactile and visual sense explores different dimensions of an ob ject i.e. height, diameter etc. in the presentations like gnarly cylinders, Pink tower, Brown stairs and so on. He explores different intensities of colour using his visual sense in Colour boxes. His auditory sense is enhanced while exploring different intensities of sound loud and soft in Sound boxer while he can differentiate mingled with tow textures rough and dispassionate using his tactile sense in Touch boards. In Baric tablets, he gets a clearer perception of weight light or heavy using his baric sense and so on.A tower of blocks will present to the child only a variation of size from block to block- not a variation in size, colour, design and noises(P.P. Liliard, Montessori A modern Approach, Page 62)Though the idea of didactic materials is taken from Seguin, Dr. Montessori modified them based on her observations of the children. By Didactic materials we mean the materials which are self-corrective and by the process of trial and error a child can gain the end gist wi thout much assistance from the. This is essentially known as Auto Education. For example, when working with the sound cylinders, the child can check the bottom of the cylinders to see if the dots/numbers match. If they do, she knows she has matched them correctly.In the Montessori classroom the materials represent diddle ideas. The use of cover materials to learn schema concepts and operations is essential to the development of the childs mind. The materials can be snarl and manipulated so that the hand is always involved in the learning process. Later, as they master the concrete they begin to move to the sneak, where the child begins to solve problems with report card and pencil while still working with the materials. ..The lessons are designed to enable the child to sort out and digest the large numbers of impressions he possesses, to assimilate additional ones through experience, and to stimulate and refine the childs power of observation preliminary to acquiring judgmen t and understanding( E.G. Hainstock, The native Montessori, page 92) The sensorial activities provide self-confidence, independence, concentration and memory which leads to more abstract learning. Since, the sensorial training introduces a child to work with all different Montessori materials, the sensorial materials become an important part of the prepared environment.For example, the touch boards provides the initial sensitivity to rough surfaces required for sand paper letters and the red rods provides the basis for number rods. In a Montessori classroom, The first thing which is given(p) to a child is frequently is the knobbed cylinders. This piece of material is solo self-corrective, and needs no supervision. When it becomes easy for a child quickly to get all the cylinders into the right holes, he goes on to otherwise exercises, One of the exercises which it is usual to offer him contiguous is the construction of the Pink tower. Pacing the biggest at the bottom, the nex t biggest on that, and so on to the apex made by the smallest one- basically teaches the difference betwixt big and small. The difference between hanker and on the spur of the moment is taught by means of ten squared Red rods of equal thickness, but varying length, the shortest one being just one-tenth as long as the longest.The immense Stair is constructed by the child with these. Thickness and low density are studied with the Broad stairs ten solids, wooden bricks, all of the same length, but of varying thickness, the thinnest one being one-tenth as thick as the thickest. With these the child constructs the Broad Stairs. aft(prenominal) the construction of the Long Stair and the Broad Stair, begins the training of the eye to discriminate between scrap differences in shades, is carried on steadily in a serial publication of exercises. After this, the child is usually ready for the exercises with different fabrics to develop his sense of touch, and for the first beginning of the exercises leading to language especially the strips of sandpaper pasted upon smooth wood used to teach the difference between rough and smooth.At the same time with these exercises, begin the first ones with color which consist of twin(a) spools of identical color, two by two. When these exercises of the tactile sense have been mastered, the child is allowed to attempt the more difficult undertaking of recognizing all the minute gradations between smooth and rough. After such initial exercises children move to more abstract exercises like geometric insets, where children are taught to trace along the geometric shape and inset before fitting it in thus influence the tidy habit of tracing the shapes later used to introduce letters & numbers.Dr. Montessori set out to produce abstract ideas in a concrete form. She took each main abstract idea necessary for the understanding of the program and made a piece of sensorial material to help children understand (Course manual 105, T he five senses, page 3) The objective of Montessori is to develop the concept first. Montessori students use concrete hands-on learning materials that make abstract concepts more clear. Lessons and activities are introduced simply and concretely in the early years and are reintroduced several times during the following years at increasing degrees of abstraction and complexity. cover materials make concepts real, and thus easily internalized. Therefore, sensorial materials not only provide the refinement of sense but it actually prepares the child for many other subjects which the child encounters afterwards. By using concrete materials during the early, sensitive years, the Montessori child can learn the basic concepts of mathematicsematics and language.Maria Montessori believed that all humans are born with a mathematical mind. From the beginning, the students are introduced to mathematical concepts in concrete form. This approach to math is logical, clear and extremely effective. It allows the students to internalize math skills by using concrete materials and progressing at their own pace toward abstract concepts to help students understand and develop a solid foundation in mathematics. As most mathematical topics, Geometry too, relies on the concreteness of the materials. Traditionally, geometry is taught as an abstract series of rules, theorems, and propositions meant to be memorized by the student. Maria Montessori saw geometry as firmly grow in reality. Her geometry program uses concrete, sensorial experimentation that lead students to concepts through concrete research.The focus of the geometry work is not as dependent on the result as it is but the work the student has done to achieve the result. Hence, the sensorial materials offer an excellent way of introducing Geometry to a child at a very tender age by the presentations of Geometry Cabinet, Geometry Solids etc. in either presentation a child thinks logically or compares the materials with oth er to achieve the final goal. This actually sharpens the comparative study skills and logical thinking of a child. Additionally, almost all materials indirectly prepares a child for decimal strategy because most of the materials are ten in number.Sensorial materials also prepares a child for languages starting from introduction of letters to other aspects of language like adjectives, opposites, comparatives, superlatives and also new words by the three period rear lesson given on each material. The presentation of drawing insets prepares a child to write while the knobs present in the materials being the thickness of a writing pencil prepares the hand for holding it. As all Montessori materials, sensorial materials continue to reflects the basic concepts of left to right & top to bottom, imprinting pattern in the childs mind, for future reading and writing. The student works abstractly (paper and pencil) when he or she has internalized the pattern and no chronic needs the Mont essori material.Therefore to initiate a child into world of spontaneous education using his senses and his natural propensities sensorial materials provide a indispensable basisAs montessorians, we need to understand how children move towards understanding concepts and how different ways of using the materials match children evolving conceptual development. Montessori designed her sensorial curriculum area considering these facts. The child who has worked with the sensorial materials has not only acquired a greater skill in the use of senses but also guides his exploration of the foreign world. Since, The education of senses makes men observers. (Maria Montessori, The Montessori Method, page 228)

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Creation of the World

The cr releaseion of the existence has many different theories but according to Christian beliefs In the lineage divinity fudge created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1) The Bible states that divinity fudge created the conception is a 7 daytime time frame in which he started when God created outset created light and separated the light from the phantasma, calling light day and darkness night. On his second day of work God created an wide area to separate the water and called it sky. On his third God created the wry ground and gathered the waters, calling the dry ground land, and the gathered waters seas. , God also created plants and trees. Then on the fourth day God created the sun, moon, and the stars to give light to the earth to separate the day and the night. On the one-fifth day God created every living creature of the seas and every travel bird. On the sixth day God created the animals to fill the earth. On day six, God also created man and women bringing adult male to the world for the commencement exercise time. rapture and Eve were the first humans that God created, man out of circulate and woman out of man. God gave them one rule and that was not to eat of the fruit on one particular tree in the tend of Eden. Eve was talked into eating the fruit by the serpent, and then she convinced Adam to eat of it as well. When they had disobeyed God, they felt ashamed and naked so they hid from him. after talking with them, he punished them by banishing them from the Garden. This was the day sin entered the world and mans nature is now sadly a abominable nature.This is why God sent his son to die on the scotch for our sins so that we have the chance to live with him one day for eternity. This is how humans first had to encounter a real live situation and pick between good and evil. Finally on day 7 God had finished his work of creation and so he rested on the seventh day, blessing it and making it holy, and that is why Christians celeb rate church and aggregated on Sundays that being the seventh and final day of the week.

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Target Market

What is meant by cig artte market place? The focalize of marketing effort is multitude. The goal is to reach a subset of the population who may be interested in your particular product. That group of people is your repoint market. The term target market is used because that market is the target at which you aim all your marketing efforts. The markets you atomic turning 18 trying to reach are people with common characteristics that set them apart as a group. The more(prenominal) you know about a target market, the more precisely you nooky develop your marketing strategy.Describe the probable demographic characteristics of the target market for the following products (Measurable statistics such as age, income, or occupation) Jaguar Definitely the wealthy, velocity class or higher middle class people. Most promising an older, wealthier target market. Chevy Cobalt Middle class people who are looking for an affordable car with good gas mileage. Age of the target market is pro bably mid-20s to senior citizens. McDonalds From 5 years old to 95 years old. Lower Class, Middle Class, and even Upper Class people buy and consume McDonalds products.They market happy meals for kids, late shadow snacks for young people, breakfast and coffee for older people. Ruby River Steak House Aims their products at all age and classes as well. They advertise it as a family organization with good food. I dont have iodin here in lah but it is similar to our Outback Steakhouse which has that target market. Is it possible to find out a sensation market for deuce pellucidly different products? Yes it is, in that respect are many product combinations that can interest a oneness(a) market. It builds sales in a business, and promotes otherwise business as well.To comprehend the key sources of interlock value, its important to recognize the structure of the network. both(prenominal) networks derive nearly of their value from a single class of users. An specimen of thi s kind of network is instant messaging (IM). While there office be some add-ons for the most popular IM quills, they dont process most users choice of an IM system. You pretty much choose one IM tool over another based on how many of your contacts you can reach. Economists would border IM a one-sided marketone-sided marketA market that derives most of its value from a single class of users (e. . , instant messaging). (a market that derives most of its value from a single class of users), and the network set up derived from IM users move ining more IM users as being same-side stand in benefitssame-side exchange benefitsBenefits derived by interaction among members of a single class of histrion (e. g. , the exchange value when increasing represss of IM users gain the ability to meaning each other). (benefits derived by interaction among members of a single class of participant). unless some markets are comprised of two distinct categories of network participant.Consider ch aracterization games. People buy a video game comfort mostly based on the number of really great games available for the system. parcel developers write games based on their ability to reach the greatest number of paying customers, and so theyre most likely to write for the most popular cabinets, first. Economists would call this kind of network a two-sided markettwo-sided marketNetwork markets comprised of two distinct categories of participant, both of which that are needed to deliver value for the network to work (e. g. video game console owners and developers of video games). (network markets comprised of two distinct categories of participant, both of which that are needed to deliver value for the network to work). When an sum up in the number of users on one side of the market (say console owners) creates a rise in the other side (software developers), thats called a cross-side exchange benefitcross-side exchange benefitWhen an increase in the number of users on one side o f the market (say console owners) creates a rise in the other side (software developers).. Example IM is considered a one-sided market, where the value-creating, positive-feedback loop of network effects comes mostly from same-side benefits from a single group (IM members who attract other IM members who deficiency to communicate with them). Video game consoles, however, are considered a two-sided network, where remarkable benefits come from two distinct classes of users that add value from cross-side benefits by attracting their opposite word group. In the game console market, more users of a console attract more developers who write more software for that console, and that attracts more users.Game accessibility is the main reason the Sony PlayStation 2 dominated over the original Xbox. It is possible that a network may have same-side and cross-side benefits. Xbox 360 benefits from cross-side benefits in that more users of that console attract more developers writing more soft ware titles and vice versa. However, the Xbox lodge network that allows users to play against each other has same-side benefits. If your buddies use Xbox Live and you motive to play against them, youre more likely to buy an Xbox. ) Can you forecast of other product combinations that would interest a single market? taking a closer look at businesses, you can actually natter cases where a particular target market for one product is more likely to buy another. The example that was given for this assignment was consumers that prefer apple products that drive Volkswagens. Another example of this would be the target market of 18 25 year old males. There are a number of products that this particular set of individuals are marketed to, ranging from stereo equipment to video games. The coalition amongst hip hop clothing (urban wear) and high tech music devices to me would be the strongest.