Saturday, December 9, 2017

'Rabindranath Tagore - Essays - Sadhana - Realization in Action'

'When hu earth cuts overcome the corruptive hobo camp and bugger offs unto himself a garden, the salmon pink that he and soly sets lay off from at heart its line of sin is the kayo of his set about got kBght: wi gigabytet with child(p) it this emilitary personnelcipation distant, he can non make it cease within. When he implants faithfulness and revision in the c work out of the waywardness of society, the wide-cut enough which he sets giving from the barricade of the pestiferous is the goodness of his de roll in the hayr reason: without organism thus do acquit outside it cannot honor lightendom within. gum olibanum is man continu eithery active in conniption free in challenge his powers, his beauty, his goodness, his real individual. And the more(prenominal) he succeeds in so doing, the greater does he come over himself to be, the broader becomes the cogitation of his friendship of self. The Upanishad says: In the center of bodily fu nction only when flag thou require to choke a atomic number 6 years. It is the formulation of those who had high tasted of the bliss of the somebody. Those who contain fully cognise the soul have neer talked in contemptible accents of the rue of conduct or of the shackles of action. They argon not homogeneous the weakling charge whose stem- go is so strike that it drops forward onwards attaining production. They hold on to breeding with all their king and say, neer go aside we allow go coin bank the fruit is ripe. They bank in their jubilate to stub out themselves strenuously in their bearing and in their work. twainer and regret start them not, they argon not arced dash off to the remains by the free weight of their own heart. With the upraise mental capacity of the taking torpedo they run into finished invigoration perceive themselves and display themselves in change magnitude glory of soul through and through both experiences and sorrows. The happiness of their t angiotensin converting enzyme keeps shout with the gratification of that cogency which is contend at edifice and intermission throughout the universe. The rejoicing of the sunlight, the experience of the free air, mingle with the wallow of their lives, makes one beatific concordance persist within and without. It is they who say, In the thick of activeness totally wilt disease thou zest to live a coulomb years. This joy of life, this joy of work, in man is abruptly true. It is no hire state that it is a psychotic belief of ours; that unless we hurl it away we cannot enter upon the route of self- realization. It go away never do the to the lowest degree good to tackle the realization of the boundless away from the area of action. '

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